Work life balance tips and techniques

Work life balance tips and techniques

There is no doubt in the fact that we all need a job to survive and to live a better life. But, it is also known that earning something is not enough for a living, a good life. Now, you might be thinking that what are we talking about? Well, other than earning an income, you will have to maintain a work life balance. If you are under pressure from every side, even then you will have to figure out how to manage the things.

Now, what are you going to do when you are under pressure 24/7?  You will need energy and time to think, relax and then you will have to give yourself a break. If you are thinking that you can do better without getting into this? Then you are wrong!

What going to happen is that your productivity will eventually decrease with time, and there are chances that you will suffer issues in your physical and mental health as well.

Of course, you will not want this to happen, do you? So, if you want to know the other way around then you can better do it with the work life balance tips and techniques that are mentioned below. Let’s have a look:

Setting Boundaries

Well, by setting boundaries we do not mean to draw a line between your work and personal life, it means that you have to find way to connect and integrate these two. There are career responsibilities as well as home demands, you will have to manage these two. You will have to prioritize the tasks and thus you can balance your personal and work life.

You can set flexible limits so that you can earn respect in your office as well as in your home.  You ought to put yourself first so that you can manage everything around.

You should not be too rigid while setting the boundaries, you have to meet the work commitments as well as family life commitments whenever it is necessary.

Setting work hours

Now, it is a known fact that everyone of us who is doing a job, has some work that we try to complete it in home. We always have some work left, and we try to do it as early as possible so that we can give time to the family. If there is time to finish the work then you can do it afterwards and can complete the house hold tasks in that time. You can enjoy “Me time” and can also enjoy some time with your friends and family.


You should not be afraid of unplugging, as you know that much more is happening all around you. There is no issue in it if you get disconnected from the outside world, you surely can release stress and can work more effectively. Moreover, you can give time to your family without any hassle.

You can go on a vacation or something like that, to make sure that you can refresh your mind after a long while of work stress. You can even take a long walk so that you can think on the ideas you had in your mind earlier and you were ignoring them due to work stress.

Making a TO-DO list

We can say that this is the most difficult task while doing work that which task needs to be done first.  So, before starting to do work you have to make a list of the task according to the priority so that you can pick the tasks from the list and continue working on them.

You can also create a list for the next day so that you can have an idea that what tasks needs to be done the next day. You should leave your list somewhere near so that you can see it the first time in the morning, then you can start the tasks right away.

Avoid using the delaying tactics;

If you are at work then it is very common that you would like to use all the delaying tactics, especially when you are working from home the possibilities of surrounded with distraction is more. It is very common these days that people just start scrolling their phones and keep wasting their time on their favourite websites that leads to distraction from work. Sometimes you do not even realize that for how long you have been scrolling your phone. Playing games is also a distraction from work, all these activities are a time wasters and that can actually make you feel more hectic by the end of the day. To avoid all this, you can adopt some methods like for example do not charge your phone full when you are working that will make you use your mobile phone less that in case you have to attend an emergency call you are going to run out of charge. You can uninstall the games in the phone that you use while you are at work.

Tip as a Bonus:

If you are all struggling for the fact that you can’t avoid using the website while you are working then you should try to clock them to avoid the distraction caused to you while on work. You can install the browsers extension available easily for example StayFocusd. Which helps you block the access to the website that are leading to waste of time. Now, you must be thinking that if you block the website then what about the time when you actually have to enjoy your alone time, when you are not on work. So, do not worry because you can always adjust the blocking system for specific time for example block for a day only.

End note

Now, you have the idea of how to maintain the balance in your work life. By using these tips and techniques you will be able to maintain this balance and thus can spend a happy life. In this way, you can make your family as well as your boss, happy and satisfied! Must share Work life balance tips and techniques to your friends and family.

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